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MJJ Gritting provides complete winter ice and snow removals along with gritting and salting services. We offer a cost-effective solution so that you can stay warm with the assurance that your property is clean, clear and safe from winter driving and walking hazards, and your employees are safe as well. During the winter, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you don’t have to worry when a winter storm arises. You know that when you and your employees, customers and visitors arrive on your premises, no one will have to worry about slips, trips or scrapes in the car park. No more paying the staff overtime to come in early to clear the property and risk costly work injuries.

The Price For Safety Is Less Than You Think

Too many businesses sacrifice public and employee safety because they think gritting, salting and snow clearance is simply too expensive a job to hire out. Instead, they send their employees out into dangerous and biting weather with a shovel and a little sand or salt.

Work injuries cost UK 5.1 million lost work days. Of those injuries that caused more than three days lost work, 36% were caused by handling, lifting or carrying, and 24% were slip or trips.

Slip and trip accidents cost UK employers more than £500M per year.

This doesn’t even take into account slip and trip litigation pursued by visitors and customers.

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We offer a free Risk Assessment as a part of our quotation service. Why let another winter go by without the right safety programme in place? Call MJJ Gritting to find out just how affordable it is to let our staff do the work for you.

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